Higher Ground Community Mediation

Conflict Solutions For A Changing World

Providing conflict resolution services in:

·  Individual and group conflict coaching/consulting

·  Family and group dialogue facilitation

·  Divorce, custody, parenting plans

·  Elder care and caregiver mediation (including guardianships and conservatorships)

·  Neighborhood dispute resolution (noise, barking dogs, landlord/tenant issues, HOA, and more)

·  Public deliberation process facilitation

·  Other alternative dispute resolution processes

Conflict Coaching

If “it takes two to tango”, as the saying goes, then in managing conflict “it takes two to tangle“. Bringing two or more parties to the table to disentangle difficult relationships and conversations is the heart of the mediation process, but there are times when only one person is ready for that step. When that happens, individual conflict coaching with a trained professional can be invaluable in helping that person work constructively to lessen tensions, prevent blow-ups, and sustain the relationship until everyone is ready to meet in mediation.

Group Dialogue Facilitation

When groups of people such as employers and employees, neighborhood associations, problem-solving teams, and others work together to resolve differences or make policy, they often find themselves in a cycle of misunderstanding and frustration. Clear communication and open collaboration are needed when working groups reach such an impasse, and professional facilitation by someone skilled in the process can be the key to avoiding miscommunication and supporting the group to achieve their goals.

Elder Care/ Family Mediation

As members of the “baby boomer” generation reach well into the status of honored community elders, the families that love and cherish them are faced with increasingly complex choices that have to be addressed; aging at home or living in an assisted care environment, estate planning and other financial decisions, family member responsibilities…any of these can strain family relationships and place stress on the aging parent. Mediation of these and others matters can bring greater peace of mind to the entire family.

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Peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it.