You know, I’m not just grateful but constantly amazed by the generosity of the fine folks that I’m connected to on Facebook and elsewhere. But what really blows my mind is the number of you that have donated to the Higher Ground Initiative while quietly admitting that you don’t completely understand the goal. I guess this is what is known as faith, and it fills me with awe. It also compels me to use this space more effectively to better articulate the principles and beliefs that have come together in my thinking to form the Higher Ground perspective.

I’m a conflict resolution professional. What does that mean? Basically, I’ve been trained to look beyond the day-to-day frustrations and stresses that bring us into conflict, whether in personal relationships, community connections, or global interactions. And in all cases, I’ve learned that one very important concept lies at the heart of the matter: conflict can be a destructive force, BUT IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE! Deep inside every conflict you can identify lies the seeds of growth, understanding, and renewal of social well-being. The Higher Ground Initiative is being developed to help people find those seeds, plant them together, and nurture them into a new, peace-filled world of mutual respect and creative, dynamic energy.

The basic formula was given to us several centuries ago by a German philosopher named Hegel, whose Dialectic sums it up as: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Simply put, it means that if I have an idea, and you have an opposing idea, and we bring them together instead of fighting over whose idea is the “correct” one, we will without fail come up with a more creative idea than either one of us could have done on our own. Sometimes we just need a little help to get there, and that’s where Higher Ground comes in. By making your donation to this initiative, YOU are at the very center of this transformative process.

Let me know what you think or how you feel about this, and let’s have a conversation. This campaign is about so much more than raising funds; it’s about raising awareness and coming together for the cause of peace. I hope to hear from you, and to meet you there on the Higher Ground for a deeper experience of what is possible.